Thursday, November 12, 2009

Soho Carnival, Hong Kong, 7th and 8th November

I have FINALLY bitten the bullet and set up a Facebook fan page for Bejewelled Bespoke Designs. I am trying to really get my act together this month (also my busiest month!) but I have discovered that the more pressured I am, the more I seem to achieve.

Anyway, please take a look at the Bejewelled Bespoke Designs Facebook fan page, and if you like what you see - do become a fan!

Now...this post is really about my first really big craft show last weekend. I had an absolute blast despite the following things:

1. I underestimated completely how many items I should have for sale and almost sold out of everything I had in my inventory on the first day. (It's a GREAT thing to sell out of almost all your stock, but I was honestly worried about the second).

2. I ran out of about 300 business cards in a few hours. (Writing your name on random pieces of paper was no fun..not after the 100th time)

3. I had no backup plan for rain. (Bin bags saved my life)

4. On the second day, I forgot - a mirror, the price list, and my packaging. (Disaster!)

I cannot stress how important it is to:

1. BE PREPARED - Everything should be on hand, especially if you're doing a 2 day craft show and you're exhausted after the second day, such that you can grab and go.

2. CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST & CHECK AGAIN ON THE DAY - You never know. The weather can be totally unpredictable.

3. BRING A FRIEND - I was all alone at my stall and was swamped with constant crowds of people most the time, and had periods where friends dropped by and thankfully felt sorry enough for me to help out. I wholeheartedly would have dropped dead without them. Even the random Vitamin water, sandwich and coffee helped.
4. SLEEP - That way, you're on the ball. I spent the week before sleeping 3 hours a day preparing for the show, and then after the first night as much as I wanted to sleep, I had to stay up to make more pieces as I had sold out of 80% of my stock and had nothing for the second day. needless to say, I forgot a bunch of things and was even more flustered.

That said, I am overwhelmed with the response I had about my designs and am really excited about the way forward for Bejewelled Bespoke.

You can check out the photos of my stall


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