Friday, November 21, 2008

Earrings: More briolette madness!

Continuing to indulge my fascination with briolettes =)

Just a quick note: Each piece is made to order, and hand made - I have sore fingers to prove it! Hence, there will be very slight variations from photos but this means that every piece is unique. If you'd like different colours in the crystals/beads used, just ask!

No. 4: Chandelier Tears

Inspired by a hanging chandelier, this pair of earrings features carefully handwrapped Swarovski crystals and faceted crystal briolettes suspended from a "hanging" gold plated casting.

Should you prefer a different colour combination, I'm happy to customise it.

Price: SOLD!

No. 5: Feather Chandelier

Amber crystal faceted briolettes suspended from handwrapped Swarovski crystal strands featuring alternating dark red and purple crystals. Focal piece is a vintage brass feather stamping - of which I only have enough to make 2 pairs!

Price: $40 USD

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Earrings: Briolette madness!

Recently, I've been indulging my fascination and love for briolettes!

No. 3: Briolette Tears - Red Rubies

Flaming red Swarovski bicones are hand wrapped into strands with matching crystal briolettes. A total of five strands is hung from a gold plated detailed finding featuring tiny leaves and flowers.
Also available in baby pink, clear AB, violet and black colourways.

Price: SOLD!

No. 4: Briolette Tears - Indian Summer

A combination of purple, amber and dark red Swarovski bicones are hand wrapped into strands and suspended from a gold plated bell-shaped finding. Amber and dark purple Austrian crystal briolettes add the finishing touches to this beautiful pair of chandelier earrings.
Price $40 USD

Earrings: "Waterfall of Butterflies"

No.2: "Waterfall of Butterflies" Earrings

A stunning pair of earrings that instantaneously brightens up a simple outfit or adds just some more bling to an already glamorous one!

I found these amazing gorgeous tiny little gold butterflies in a vintage stash and thought they looked so pretty together. So I created a 'waterfall' of 14K gold chain and these butterflies as earrings. I added a mixed strand of Swarovski crystals, 14K gold fill beads and fire-polished Czech beads as a focus. AB clear and dark crystal briolettes add the finishing touches to this unique masterpiece.

I only have enough of these butterflies to make 3 pairs!
If you are interested in a silver pair with silver butterflies, I am able to custom make it for you.

Price: $40 USD

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