Monday, February 9, 2009

The Australian Bush Fire Appeal

Tragedy has struck Australia is the form of one of the most devastating bush fires in the country's history.

Hailing from Sydney, I am relieved that NSW has escaped the brunt of the fires, but am still shocked and saddened by the vast devastation and the death toll of 170 + (and still increasing). Homes have been burnt to the ground and townships completely wiped out.

A group of Aussies on Etsy have set up the following Etsy store called OzBushFireAppeal, where donated items from fellow Etsy sellers will be sold and all proceeds to be sent to the Australian Red Cross:

Please check this store out!

Alternatively, please contact Emma at OzBushFireAppeal to makea donation...or donate directly to the Australian Red Cross!

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lyptis said...

Thanks for featuring the shop! Let us hope we can raise a lot more money!