Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Earrings: "Waterfall of Butterflies"

No.2: "Waterfall of Butterflies" Earrings

A stunning pair of earrings that instantaneously brightens up a simple outfit or adds just some more bling to an already glamorous one!

I found these amazing gorgeous tiny little gold butterflies in a vintage stash and thought they looked so pretty together. So I created a 'waterfall' of 14K gold chain and these butterflies as earrings. I added a mixed strand of Swarovski crystals, 14K gold fill beads and fire-polished Czech beads as a focus. AB clear and dark crystal briolettes add the finishing touches to this unique masterpiece.

I only have enough of these butterflies to make 3 pairs!
If you are interested in a silver pair with silver butterflies, I am able to custom make it for you.

Price: $40 USD

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